Stunning U-shaped Kitchen Dimensions
Stunning U-shaped Kitchen Dimensions

Elegant U-shaped kitchen ideas To Inspire You

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Elegant U-shaped kitchen ideas To Inspire You

Finding inspirations to improve your house is actually not really hard. This article will offer several inspirations for you to improve the look of your kitchen. This will mostly deal with U-shaped kitchen design. For you who only have small space to decorate your kitchen, this idea probably will work.

This U-shaped kitchen offer you with small but elegant interior design. Starting from the counter, it is covered with black marble as the base. The stove is designed with the dark brown theme. The sink is made from metallic material to provide the room with also elegant look. The cabinet under the counter is designed with clear white color.

Another design for small kitchen is this elegant white U-shaped kitchen design. The counter is design with minimalist white clean marble as the base. The cabinet is featured with stainless steel material along with the oven beyond it. This U-shaped kitchen idea look like a small bar.

It includes three modern look chair to support the theme. The refrigerator is also decorated with metallic look so that it can be in line with the theme of this design. On the main U-shaped area, the floor is built using white tile. While the other part is built with wooden floor. A perfect option for a small kitchen!

If you have a rather spacy room for kitchen, you may also like to décor your kitchen this way. Starting from the wooden classic floor, the design also uses light brown marble for the counter’s base. The upper cabinet also uses the same theme.

For the stove and the oven, you can choose the metallic design. Especially on the wall above the stove you can place a backsplash with flower or vegetable theme. Different from the previous one, this idea makes you possible to put some decoration on the counter, including classic china ornament, or other decorative elements. It also offers a mini bar table in the center of the room. Finest U Shaped Kitchen Remodel

Elegant U-shaped kitchen ideas To Inspire You:

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