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Inspiring Bohemian Bedroom Ideas with Boho Touch With Combination Color

Inspiring Bohemian Bedroom Ideas with Boho Touch With Combination Color

If you want to apply a Bohemian theme for your upcoming bedroom, you should check this out. The first Bohemian bedroom ideas are the design with a large spring bed with the touch of the mandala pattern in the bedcover. Putting a unique triangle mirror will be very beneficial.  Also put the small square vase for your living plant. To add the unique element of bohemian touch, you can also hang a dreamcathcer ornament above the bed. You can combine it with a modern bedside lamp and a lot of pillows. In addition, wooden floor will be a perfect combination of all of those elements.

Another idea for Bohemian bedroom is this one. A combination between small size bed and small wooden chair and table. Especially for the chair and table in the corner, choose the unique one. Place some live plants around the room. To add extra aesthetic values, install some hanging light bulbs by using long cable and put it in a long bamboo stick. You may also choose this white bohemian bedroom design with double beds and wooden stair and book shelf in between. For those who love simplicity, this may also be one of your alternatives, this bohemian bedroom idea is with flowery pattern double pillows along with the bedcover with mandala theme. Don’t forget to put ethnic elements above the bed. And put small rattan made table beside the bed.

You can also choose this bohemian bedroom with full of wall decoration. This nice bohemian bedroom design is completed with artistic elements plus ethnic morocco-themed bedcover. The backdrop is a black rug with spectral illustration. And also hang a length of lace around the top of the bed. The other alternative design is this bohemian bedroom design with living plants with brick walls with painting about metropolitan city. Another interesting idea is by do indoor gardening and living plants full greenery along with classic lighting. Colorful rugs can also be combined with cream color sofa. Don’t forget comfy pink blanket is also an important element for boho touch.Bohemian Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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