Awesome Closet Design Ideas Pictures
Awesome Closet Design Ideas Pictures

Various Themes For Closet Design Ideas

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Various themes for Closet design ideas

Start from a simple closet design ideas, you can design a small entry cream colored closet with two vintage pillows with three storage and little blackboard in the middle of the cupboard to write a message. Another simple design is a classic Italian style walk in closet with modern round white sofa and orange shabby rug to enhance the cozy sensation. In one of the storages you can put your favorite suit or shoes. Another design is a minimalist closet design ideas with 4 storage and three drawers. Above it, you can also add several hang to put you bag or hat.

The next closet design ideas is a closet design with natural brown theme for master bedroom. You can add beautiful pendant lamp and solid wood laminate floor. You can also have white themed closet design ideas, in one of the corner of your room. With several small drawers and storages, you can also save your spaces inside your house. To give more aesthetic touch, you can also put one or two flowers in vase. Also, put a grey carpet to improve the cozy atmosphere of your walk in closet.

If you only have not a really large room, you can also choose minimalist closet design ideas. With the color of dark brown cupboard, on the left side you may have 5 stories storage and then the other three you can have cupboard with doors and hangers to keep your clothes tidy. You can also have a closet design by maximizing the function of your wall. You can have a closet with several smaller drawers in one side and then you can put your other clothes in hanger on the right and left side of the closet. You can choose maroon colored theme for your closet, combining with Persian rug in front of it and two sofas on both side.Closet Design Ideas For Shoes

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